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Laurie's Microblog

CCWC 10th Anniversary - SOLD...

Posted on 04 September 2014, 01.40
Our 10th Anniversary is SOLD OUT!! We expect a great turnout this year. See you all in Beverly Hills for the celebration!! Laurie

In-House Early Bird Registration...

Posted on 08 May 2014, 17.47
Our 10th Anniversary Celebration will be amazing!! In-House Attorneys: Register Early and Save. Go to:

The Network Journal Honors

Posted on 25 March 2014, 14.23
I am looking forward to the Network Journal Award "25 Influential Black Women in Business" at the Marriott Marquis Thursday, March 27, 2014!!!! Thank you...


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75% of web survey respondents agreed that having an internal mentor or
sponsor is critical to advancing within their company.
However, less than one-third (30.3%) reported actually having a mentor.

Do you have an internal mentor at your company?

If you do not, please answer the following questions:

--Why not?

--Have you identified an internal mentor at your company?

--Have you approached him/her about serving as your mentor?

--What is holding you back?

Over the next 2 months, take the CCWC CAREER STRATEGIES CHALLENGE™

*Identify an internal mentor at your company
*Be open to that mentor being a different race and/or gender
*Be open to that mentor being outside of your practice group.
*Be open to that mentor being in one of your company’s business units
*Reach out to that individual; request a lunch meeting and make the
request that he/she serve as your mentor.
*If you cannot identify someone within your company, find an external
mentor or consider hiring an executive coach.

Reminder: The mentor/mentee relationship is a partnership. Make sure to
give to your mentor and add value to his/her experience with you.

There is no time like the present!!

To order “Perspectives of Women of Color in Corporate Legal
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